If I Won A Million Dollars

My grandparents are currently on vacation overseas (hard life), and while they’re away, I was tasked with the very important job of buying tickets for the lottery. Of course I – being the caring and loving granddaughter that I am – agreed to this without hesitation… once my percentage of the winnings was agreed upon, that is.

It’s important to decide these things up front – especially considering the fact that technically, I’m buying the ticket on their behalf, so who’s to say that I wouldn’t just bail out of the country? I mean, I can solidly say that I wouldn’t. They are my grandparents after all. But, you get the point. It’s like Tim Horton’s Roll Up The Rim. Who gets the prize if you bought the winning coffee for someone else?

Side note – a car was won in Roll Up last year from the Tims I went to every morning. HALF AN HOUR after I went through. Do I need a new car? No. But it was so close. And considering my 6 year winning streak is abysmal, it really just adds salt to the wound. What’s a girl to do to win at least the camping set, ya know?

(Sorry to any non-Canadians reading right now)

Anyway. So, here I am going to buy a ticket. I’ve done my due diligence acting as the grandkids union rep and bargained us a pretty sweet deal where each of us gets $1M a piece if they win (except me – I get $2M because I’m the oldest, duh). I’ve never bought a ticket before, and for a moment I’m so excited about being asked for ID at 28 years old that I lose track of what I’m there to do.

As I leave, ticket in hand and the assumption that we’re for sure winning with my beginners luck, I mentally start spending my millions. First, I wonder where the nearest Gucci shop would be. I’ve never seen anything Gucci in real life, so this would make a fantastic first stop. Then, I question whether I should travel the world? Or – should I buy a franchise of my favourite Ontario restaurant to build here on the east coast? Because I so very much miss their chicken finger wrap.

This was followed swiftly by the sadness of the fact that $1M hardly buys you a house in Toronto these days. But immediately back to designer goods – because if you can’t buy a house, might as well buy thousands of dollars in accessories!

I can tell you one thing, Instagram thinks I’m rich rich now after that afternoons change in search history.

It’s crazy to think about how different my life would be if a few numbers on a piece of paper and a whole lot of luck won me a large sum of money. How different the lives of my whole family could be, and how many people I could help. Or, how many Gucci stores I could keep in business. Either or.

It’s even crazier to think that millions of people are spending fortunes on the chance – the hope – that for this draw, they’ll have the numbers. There’s a lotto draw everyday, practically. And though I am by no means an expert – but I have bought two tickets now, sooo – we can all admit that’s a lot of money being thrown into something with very little chance of winning.

But, all of us – even those who don’t actively participate in the lottery every week – all somehow hold out hope that someday we’ll have our big win. We all have our own version of my Gucci spending dream list.

There is always going to be a winner though, and that keeps the hope alive. Do I think it’ll ever be me? No. Definitely not. The universe DEFINITELY knows I am not responsible enough to have that much money at once. (You know, the more I think about it, I bet I could get a private jet to deliver that wrap from Toronto to me…)

As you can imagine, the ticket that I bought earlier in this story didn’t win. Not even a free ticket for the next week. But, I did win a 50/50 draw the next day! It was $40. Like I said – the universe knows the limits of my responsibility.

What did I do with that big win you might ask? I stopped at Tim’s for a coffee, and used the rest on dog food.

Maybe I am more responsible than I thought.

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