Hot Mess Catch Up Sesh

Quick facts:

  • November 1st is one of my favourite days of the year.
  • I love Christmas. Most notably, Christmas music.
  • I am borderline obsessed with Mariah Carey’s Christmas album.
  • In my mind, Halloween is simply a barrier between me, and all the things I love.

I also have heartburn right now, but that’s not related. I’m just in a sharing mood.

Yep, I’m one of those people. There is only one night of the year that I will purposely stay up til midnight and that is Halloween. Not for the festivities, or because I’m all dressed up to go to a spooky party or anything. Nope. Because at midnight it becomes November 1st. November 1st means it’s Christmas music time. In fact, last week when I was invited to a Halloween party, I declined because they were not willing to play me Mariah Carey at midnight. Yes, I am having trouble making friends in my new city. Why do you ask?

Outside of Halloween, October is alright (I guess). I do love the changing of seasons from summer to fall – I’m a sweaty individual, summer is not a good time. Fall also means I don’t have to shave my legs as often, and that’s a next level bonus. And, I love watching the leaves change colours on the trees. But, for the most part, I breeze over October in my life. Speed through it as fast as possible – get me to Mariah season.

This October was different than my usual. A lot went down this year. And unfortunately, a couple things that I would have liked to have happen, didn’t. There was, however, a common theme through all of these happenings: I am a hot mess. So, I thought now would be as good time as ever to have a little catch up sesh. You know, before I bombard you all with Christmas content. So let’s chat, shall we?

The Blog

First and foremost, I want to touch on what went down on the blog. Because, if you were here at the beginning of the month – you know we’ve had a little change of plans. And by a little, I mean a pretty significant change. Number one, I changed my blog name – a month ago we were “Jess at 28”. Secondly, I had a plan to take blogging very “seriously”.

The idea of blogging “seriously” to me meant doing what all the blogging tips told me to do – find a niche and compile lists of things related to that niche. Blogging seriously was to mean that I was going to post three posts a week, on things that – according to the blog guides – were going to drive a whole whack of traffic to my blog.

Now, I tried that. I created a plan for all the posts that I was going to do. And I did good, posting per my plan for the first week. But fun fact – I hated it. I wasn’t looking forward to writing anything, because it felt too forced. I also, as I’m sure you can tell, have a hard time being “serious”. So, that was the end of “Jess at 28”.

J Money is more, well, me. I don’t want to blog like the guides say everyone should. Because I didn’t start this blog with the intention of getting “traffic” or creating Pinterest content. Not that there is anything wrong with doing that, it’s just not what I have in the plan here.

So J Money is going to be a blog-y blog. And I hope that’s okay. I will still be taking it seriously, obviously. Just in a different way. To me now, seriously relates to engagement. And my biggest goal for November is to increase my engagement – both here and on other blogs.

The Life

Now that the blog rant is over with… let’s talk about me.

October was an interesting month for me in most aspects of my life. I started a new job – for the first time ever, working in retail (see my previous story time on this). I’m also back in school – taking online courses – for the first time since 2012. Well, I guess there was an attempt about 5 years ago, but I didn’t have the bandwidth for it then. So far – I can say for sure that the ol’ brain isn’t working like it used to.

The two of these things combined has been a challenging adjustment for me – I mean, considering I was off work for three months, even getting dressed everyday was a challenge at first. But, I’m getting back into the swing of things now, and I’m starting to get used to taking care of myself again.

It’s weird to think that taking care of myself would have been an issue. But, when I moved (thereby changing everything about my life), I stopped feeling like myself. And I’m starting to get back to that now which is nice.

Oh, in a bold turn of events, I asked a friend of mine to hang out. Which doesn’t seem like a momentous occasion, but it’s something I’ve only ever done one other time in my 28 years of living.

This ask was after him telling me at a party that it was worth investing energy into our connection because it was different. And I believed that, because as I’m a hippy from way back and as he is too, I felt it also. But, he’s since completely blown me off. Should I have known this was bullshit? Probably.

Also – did any of you take on the internet during the Shane x Jeffree palette launch on Friday? That was so crazy. I was able to check out after like 2 hours, but I know a lot of people waited a lot longer than I did. I am looking forward to what they show in the rest of the series – I’ve got no doubt that the launch broke all kinds of records.

Personal goal for November – learn how to do eyeshadow.

And that was October, over and out. I don’t have a formal plan for November’s posts, but just know that I’ve got some good things planned. Along with plenty of story times that I’m sure will pop up. Thank you for reading this update, and I hope you stick around for what’s coming up next!

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