I’m Teaching Myself to Read Tarot – Here’s What I’ve Learned So Far

If you’ve been around the blog for a while, you know I have a tendency to be into some unconventional shit. (That sounds a lot sketchier than I mean it. Just, you know, some less ~mainstream~ things) Early last year, this landed me on what I like to call “Spooky Jess”. Spooky Jess spends her time watching ghost hunting shows and trying to convince her friends to go on ghost tours – keeping in mind here that my biggest fear is legitimately ghosts so how any of that makes sense, I will never know. Spooky Jess is also super into all of the witchy business like crystals, full moon rituals and most prominently, tarot pick a card videos on YouTube.

I’m not kidding when I say I spent a solid half of my summer last year watching tarot pick a card readings. I just found them so interesting. I mean, I was also at a point in my life where I had no clear direction, so watching a video that told me everything was going to be okay brought me some solace. I’ve also convinced myself several times that I have a secret admirer, because I keep watching “Does Your Crush Like You” videos, and he definitely does even though I really don’t have a crush. I could talk about YouTube tarot all day, but that isn’t the point of today’s post! No, today, we’re talking about the fact that these videos stopped doing it for me so I went and got a deck of my own!

I’ve been reading cards casually for a few months now – only for myself, this has been a hidden hobby – and really just for big, lofty questions like “will I marry Andrew Siwicki”, or “is this season of the Bachelor worth watching”. You know, important things. But, last week I decided to challenge myself to a daily energy read because A) one of my goals for 2020 was to do mini challenges every week and this seemed like a good way to start and b) because I NEEDED to confirm the validity of the “Yes, you’ll marry Andrew Siwicki” reading. So, without further ado, here’s what I learned from reading my own tarot cards every day for a week.

Patience is Key

Watching all those YouTube videos, the readers made it seem so effortless – so intuitive. When I started to read cards for myself however, it became very clear that the intuitive part was going to come with time – or, once you learned all the meanings of the cards.

I guess I should mention as well that I’m using a Rider-Waite deck. There are 78 cards in this deck, and all of them have different meanings. And these meanings seem to change based on what the question is. So, the key here is to be patient with yourself. You aren’t going to get it right away. This week, each of my readings consisted of four cards. And I’d say I spent about an hour each day reading just the four cards. Now, most of this hour was spent googling different meanings and trying to pick a meaning for each based on the context of the others. Things did start picking up near the end of the week though, after I got more comfortable with the cards.

Treat it Like Creative Writing

The goal of tarot is to give an answer, provide context or direction. Basically, it’s to tell a story. And this, you can imagine, was not a necessarily my strong suit at the beginning of the week. My first few readings were basically “The eight of swords means that limiting beliefs are holding me back, and the Knight of Pentacles says that hard work is paying off. But I have the Nine of Pentacles also saying that I have everything I need already”. Which great, got all the meanings out. But, at the same time, this didn’t show me any meaning at all.

After I got comfortable with reading the cards, the story became more fluid. I suppose this is where the intuitive part comes in. Once you start moving the “textbook” meanings out of the way, you start to use the cards as a writing prompts in a sense – all building towards the message.

Once I stopped taking things so seriously (so literally), reading the cards became a lot more enjoyable, and I started getting a lot more out of it.

You’re Going to Pick Favourites

At least I did. There are some cards that I just vibe with more than others. Weirdly, one of my favourite cards is The Tower. This is just historical for me, because it didn’t come out this week at all. But, call me dramatic, I’ve always resonated with the idea of complete change. I’m also a big fan of the Knight of Wands – this could be because I’m a Sagittarius and the Wands represent fire signs, or because it’s one of the more ~sexy~ cards. Who knows. Opposite to this, I really have no connection to the Two of Swords. I don’t know why this is either.

It Is What You Make It

This is especially true for me this week, as I was reading for my own energy. Because I know everything about my life (hopefully), I was pretty much reading based on assumptions of what the cards were referring to. This week for example, I read pretty much every day to mean something about my career because that is the most prominent issue in my life. Now, I’m also a believer in tarot, and that the universe will guide your intuition and all that. So, although it feels like I’m picking the message based on what I want the cards to say, I don’t think that that’s necessarily true. But, I could take the same set of cards to provide a love message instead. It’s all what you feel guided to make it.

Taking What Resonates

The biggest takeaway from reading my cards daily was how doing so legitimately changed how I was looking at my day. Which sounds crazy, I know. But there were several days last week where my cards read a message about career progression, or good news is on the way. This was the message I took from the reading, but nothing manifested in real life. Or, at least directly to me it hadn’t. But, instead of being discouraged, I took the message to mean that things were working behind the scenes, and that progression doesn’t necessarily mean in-your-face immediate change.

Carrying with me the idea that the cards were right (understanding that I really got only positive messages this week) even if I couldn’t see it, really lifted my mood overall. I felt more positive, and less in-a-rut, because I held to the idea that the cards were right and that I didn’t need to be worried about it.

Oh, and for the record – I did learn yesterday that there is career advancement in the works for me (hopefully and mega frigging yay). Conversations for which were happening all last week. Looks like I will be marrying Andrew Siwicki after all.


Spooky Jess aside, reading tarot has honestly been one of my favourite things I’ve learned in recent years. Clearly, I am not an expert. I still google meanings for most of the cards. And no, I don’t think that I can answer all my problems through them. But, I’m going to continue reading them, even if it’s just for the fun of it. I’ll update you all in a few months on that!

PS – here are my favourite YouTube tarot channels:

  • Supermoon Tarot
  • Jazz’s Angel Numbers Tarot
  • Charmed Intuition Tarot
  • Shonnetta’s Divine Tarot

PSS – I know tarot isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So thank you for reading! The blog will be going back to its regularly un-scheduled programming after this post!

One thought on “I’m Teaching Myself to Read Tarot – Here’s What I’ve Learned So Far

  1. I didn’t realise this was something I could do myself! Definitely going to having a go at reading my own Tarot cards. Thank you for the guidance xxx


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