Hot Mess Catch Up Sesh

Quick facts:

  • November 1st is one of my favourite days of the year.
  • I love Christmas. Most notably, Christmas music.
  • I am borderline obsessed with Mariah Carey’s Christmas album.
  • In my mind, Halloween is simply a barrier between me, and all the things I love.

I also have heartburn right now, but that’s not related. I’m just in a sharing mood.

Yep, I’m one of those people. There is only one night of the year that I will purposely stay up til midnight and that is Halloween. Not for the festivities, or because I’m all dressed up to go to a spooky party or anything. Nope. Because at midnight it becomes November 1st. November 1st means it’s Christmas music time. In fact, last week when I was invited to a Halloween party, I declined because they were not willing to play me Mariah Carey at midnight. Yes, I am having trouble making friends in my new city. Why do you ask?

Outside of Halloween, October is alright (I guess). I do love the changing of seasons from summer to fall – I’m a sweaty individual, summer is not a good time. Fall also means I don’t have to shave my legs as often, and that’s a next level bonus. And, I love watching the leaves change colours on the trees. But, for the most part, I breeze over October in my life. Speed through it as fast as possible – get me to Mariah season.

This October was different than my usual. A lot went down this year. And unfortunately, a couple things that I would have liked to have happen, didn’t. There was, however, a common theme through all of these happenings: I am a hot mess. So, I thought now would be as good time as ever to have a little catch up sesh. You know, before I bombard you all with Christmas content. So let’s chat, shall we?

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